A tax adviser tailored to your needs

In the work of a tax adviser, accuracy and experience are equally important as the ability to creatively search for the best financial solutions. Providing services to hundreds of companies over a period of 10 years gives us the ability to quickly find the safest and most profitable strategy for your branch of business. We offer both ongoing management of tax risk as well as long-term shaping of tax policy and optimization for all types of local and international companies. Check what benefits we can offer to your company. 

Tax adviser for corporate clients 

To large international companies running local branches in Poland, we offer comprehensive tax optimization and crisis management. The ZYSK Accounting Office is risk minimization, 100% transparency, flexible adaptation to the company’s central tax policy and full compatibility with the current Polish tax law. 

We have been successfully working with corporate clients for many years. We understand that rational tax risk management is not only a matter of higher profit, but also an unblemished brand image and harmonious cooperation between branches. Tell us the tax effect required by your company and we will take care of its diligent implementation.   

Tax adviser for medium-sized companies and startups

We mischievously wish our Clients to pay the highest taxes possible. Higher taxes usually mean a higher profit. To smaller companies or startups, we offer comprehensive consulting and tax care for a growing business. Tax advisers from the ZYSK Accounting Office will take full responsibility for drawing up an ongoing and a long-term tax strategy, leaving space for the entrepreneurs to fully engage in the business conducted.   

Tax consulting offer:

Tax advisers from the ZYSK Accounting Office provide:

  • ongoing tax consulting – written analyses, oral consultations, meetings with Clients and tax authorities, information on the most important changes to the tax law and interpretation practice.
  • effective solutions – searching for ways to eliminate problems, taking into account the organization’s business objectives.
  • tax risk management – identifying the risk with the indication of the safest and most beneficial actions.
  • recommendations – our activities are intended to serve Clients and their companies.

Within ongoing tax consulting, we offer:

  • drawing up tax opinions and reports.
  • ongoing supervision of tax settlements.
  • carrying out tax reviews (verification of the correctness of tax settlements of an economic entity).
  • supporting taxpayers in all tax proceedings.

Within long-term tax planning, we offer:

  • support in the choice of the optimal form of running a business.
  • support in restructuring transactions (consulting in the processes of divisions, mergers and transformations of companies).
  • projects of merger, division, contribution, acquisition of new entities, ownership transformations.
  • tax planning (including tax policy creation) and support in the choice and implementation of solutions aimed at improving the company’s tax position.   

The ZYSK Accounting Office service package

We encourage you to learn more about our other services in small and large business support. The more activities carried out by our Office, the greater convenience and time and money savings for our Clients. By choosing ZYSK, you can be sure that your company is in good hands and is guaranteed a peaceful future in terms of administration.

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