HR and payroll services – because the most important thing is the people

Business grows best when the employees are competent and satisfied with all aspects of employment – that’s obvious. What’s less obvious is how to achieve this effect without unnecessarily increasing the costs of the employer. The larger the company, the more time and commitment it costs to organize the employees.   

Within HR and payroll services, we offer our Clients comprehensive support in employee administration. From finding and recruiting specialized staff, through services related to civil law contracts, payment of remuneration, leave management and issuing all relevant certificates, to meticulous administration of documents and cost optimization.       

We take pride in our cutting edge and convenient HR services as well as the complete safety of the personal data entrusted to us and excellent communication with Clients and their staff. We are always up to date with the labour law and make sure that all parties are 100% satisfied.      

As part of basic HR and payroll services, we offer: 

  • keeping personal records pursuant to applicable regulations.
  • drawing up basic documents related to the establishment and termination of employment and the employment relationship, i.e. employment contracts, information for the employment contract, notice, employment certificates, and agreements. 
  • drawing up contracts of mandate and contracts of specific work in the standard version.
  • handling matters related to holiday leaves, determining leave entitlements, keeping records of holiday leaves.   
  • keeping records of employees’ absences.
  • keeping and updating the medical examination register.
  • filing and deregistration related to social security and health insurance.
  • calculating and drawing up payrolls of full-time employees.
  • calculating and drawing up payrolls on account of contracts of mandate and contracts of specific work.
  • settling non-pecuniary benefits (private medical care, life insurance, use of company car for private purposes, etc.).
  • drawing up monthly settlement declarations and sending the same to the Social Insurance Institution.
  • preparing annual information on income and advances on personal income tax (PIT-11, PIT-4R, PIT-40, IFT-1R).
  • drawing up annual information and sending the same to the Social Insurance Institution.
  • providing payroll data for statistical reports.

As part of extended HR and payroll services, we offer:

  • issuing invoices for contracts of mandate and contracts of specific work.
  • drawing up additional agreements to the employment contract (including non-competition agreements, material liability agreements, agreements for the use of a car/telephone for company purposes, etc.).   
  • preparing RP-7 certificates.
  • drawing up specialized contracts of mandate and contracts of specific work in accordance with the specificity of the industry.
  • consultations on the nature of individual contracts, i.e. contract of mandate vs. contract of specific work. 
  • cooperation in the creation of the employer’s internal regulations (work regulations, payroll regulations, regulations of the Employee Benefit Fund).
  • drawing up the Central Statistical Office reports.
  • drawing up other letters or declarations not resulting from the agreement.
  • drawing up reports for accounting and management purposes.
  • settling subsidies and refunds from the Subsidies and Refunds System (SODiR).
  • sending correspondence on behalf of the Principal.
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