The ZYSK Accounting Office is a perfect solution for corporate clients to ensure higher revenues and the guarantee of a peaceful business.

Full accounting, full professionalism

Accounting is an area in which timeliness and every detail, seemingly even the smallest, counts. The ZYSK Accounting Office is a brand built on meticulousness and the belief that our clients should not worry about anything else but conducting and developing their business. 

We have experience in conducting full accounting for international and local companies from every market sector. We offer outsourcing of accounting services in any chosen range for corporate and institutional clients. Regardless of the type and scale of the business, the ZYSK Accounting Office guarantees peace and safety – the settlements are always ready on time and documents are completed to the letter. 

For the sake of comfort, convenience, and time saving for our Clients, we offer a flexible form of cooperation. We can run the office remotely and collect documents at a convenient time and place. We ensure full transparency of our activities and provide detailed information on each of the accounting services offered.

Accounting services: basic offer:

  • bookkeeping for companies pursuant to the Accounting Act
  • keeping the Tax Book of Revenues and Expenditures
  • keeping tax records and tax settlements
  • valuation of assets and liabilities based on the data resulting from accounting books and determination of the Principal’s financial result
  • drawing up annual financial statements (including consolidated ones) – Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss Account and additional information to the financial statement 
  • drawing up all mandatory tax declarations and information required by the Tax Office with data resulting from accounting books (including CIT-8, VAT-7, VAT-UE declarations) 
  • drawing up tax information that takes into account changes in the company related to its address, choice of the method of accounting for VAT, and other changes to the business conducted (on forms including VAT-R, NIP-8)
  • keeping fixed asset records
  • representing the Principal before public administration bodies

Accounting service – extended offer:

  • drawing up and filing with the competent authorities all declarations other than those related to value added tax and income tax (including declarations related to property tax, agricultural tax, tax on means of transport, tax on civil law transactions)
  • drawing up reports for the needs of the Warsaw Stock Exchange (GPW) and the National Bank of Poland (NBP)
  • drawing up prospectuses in the part concerning financial reporting
  • drawing up reporting forms, questionnaires and statistical surveys for the needs of the Central Statistical Office (GUS) [including F-01/I-01 report on revenues, expenses and financial result, and fixed capital formation, report of entities with foreign capital (KZ), report on the business activity of companies (SP-3)]    
  • providing information to the auditor on behalf of Companies related to the financial statement drawn up by the Contractor   
  • drawing up financial statements for the purpose of transformation of companies, e.g. merger or division of companies
  • drawing up a balance sheet and a profit and loss account for the needs of the Client (e.g. for the bank, court, etc.)
  • representing the Principal before public administration bodies in matters of inspection for the period preceding the beginning of cooperation with the office
  • drawing up letters, declarations or other activities related to economic events occurring before the beginning of cooperation with the office
  • creating and updating an accounting policy in cooperation with the supported company (drawing up documents, i.e. corporate chart of accounts, workflow manual, cash handling manual, etc.) 
  • accounting consulting, including inspection and supervision of accounting structures (restructuring of accounting structures) in cases when the books are kept independently by the Principal [missing word-please verify –PS] 
  • full audit and inspection service

One month of full accounting for free

In cases when, for 11 consecutive months, all documents for the preceding month have been delivered by the 3rd working day of the following month and subject to timely payment of the accounting services, the Contractor shall receive a 99% discount for the net price of the accounting service for the 12th month. In practice, this means that on a yearly basis, timely delivery of documentation may save the Client an equivalent of a monthly invoice for comprehensive accounting services. Diligence pays off.    

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