Business consulting

Financial consulting for small and large businesses

Every company can improve its efficiency and become even better. As specialists in finance, controlling and optimization, we conduct audits and suggest areas for changes. We increase company profits through strategic development planning, implementing key functional changes and improvements, and directional training of the staff.     

Comprehensive financial advisers

Every detail translates into the company’s financial result – from financial management and obtaining funds for development to adjusting marketing and sales strategies to the dynamically changing market. The ZYSK Office takes pride in its financial advisers being experienced experts in their fields. We will help you both in matters related to the internal functioning of the company as well as in negotiations with other companies and public institutions.

As part of financial consulting, we offer:

  • developing and implementing company strategies, setting short and long-terms strategic objectives, management by objectives.
  • developing and implementing strategic controlling.
  • developing and implementing marketing strategies.
  • developing and implementing sales strategies and sales network development plans.
  • building relationships with external and internal clients.
  • optimizing processes and developing procedures, implementing work standards. 
  • building functional and fractal organizational structures and communication channels in the company.
  • work analysis, motivational remuneration systems, job valuation, and an employee evaluation system.
  • planning and implementing the succession process in the company.
  • implementing and improving the principles of personnel policy and organizational culture.
  • developing business plans.
  • financial management for micro companies and startups.
  • shift management – supervision of the proper course of the process, establishing communication channels for contacts with the staff and trade unions.
  • social and commercial negotiations.
  • conducting business training.

Accounting, financial and tax consulting

We encourage you to use our consulting services in combination with other products of the ZYSK Office. Concentrating key consultation and controlling services in our hands guarantees stable growth and peaceful business. We invite both startups and companies to cooperate – we provide flexibility, expert knowledge, and a wide network of contacts that will facilitate the development of your business.

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